A1.9 is "all in" from design to execution; from strategic to tactical; from first meeting to full partner.

A1.9 Strategies LLC (A1.9) tackles each client’s public policy and funding challenge uniquely with an emphasis on full partnership. This critical integration results in persuasive narratives, tangible momentum, shifts in the conversation, and influence of key stakeholders to achieve funding or policy outcomes.

A1.9 prides itself on its extensive network of partners, from specialty firms to independent contractors.  With client approval, A1.9 leverages its network, bringing outside expertise to the table whenever needed. This model gives the client tremendous value and efficiency.  Functionally, this means you get the right specialist for the job. All outside work is directed and managed by A1.9 and negotiated within the existing retainer, unless deemed substantially beyond the agreed-upon scope.



Staying up-to-date on Capitol Hill activities can be a challenge, particularly for clients outside the Beltway or in niche policy areas. A1.9 provides clients constant surveillance and reporting on relevant activities and policy development that impact our client or industry directly.


Every public policy effort requires a plan that integrates into the larger organization’s goals and objectives.  This is hard-work on the front end to gather the key attributes, critical design elements, and assemble a execution timeline that marries up with key congressional deadlines and gates.


A1.9 believes in not only owning the “what” on Capitol Hill but also the “why.”  Superior knowledge gives clients true value, and thus an ability to impact outcomes, shape policy, and take proactive and calculated steps to influence results.  It also provides a measure of what is simply noise and spectacle (of which there is plenty in DC) from what is of supreme client focus and importance.


While Congress can seem gridlocked, when things happen, they typically happen quickly.  A1.9 prepares clients for the frenetic and rapid response window necessary to achieve results.


Every project or program has a story to tell and specific targets in mind.  A1.9 works with a bevy of communicators to help clients build Hill-centric narratives to fit a very specified audience.

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